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The Motherhood Wage Penalty and Female Entrepreneurship

Yang T. Kacperczyk O K; Naldi. L

Forthcoming in Organization Science, 2022

Do employees work less for Female Leaders? A multi-method study of entrepreneurial firms.'

Kacperczyk O K; Younkin, P, Rocha V. 

Forthcoming in Organization Science, 2022

Surplus Division between Labor and Capital: A Review and Research Agenda

Sevcenko V., Wu, Kacperczyk O K; Ethiraj S K

Academy of Management Annals 2021

Experience as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: performance outcome delays in the private equity context

Castellaneta, F., Gottschalg, O., Kacperczyk O K; Wright M.,

Journal of Management

Institutional Protection of Minority Employees and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the LGBT Employment Non-Discrimination Acts
Conti, R., Kacperczyk, A., Valentini, G. (equal co-authorship)
Strategic Management Journal forthcoming
A Silver Lining for Female Founders

Kacperczyk, A., Younkin, Peter

Harvard Business Review, 2021, 99 (2), 22-24

The Founding Penalty: Evidence from an Audit Study
Kacperczyk, A., Younkin, Peter (equal co-authorship)
Organization Science forthcoming
The (Un)intended Consequences of Lowering Entry Barriers: Evidence from Entry Deregulation Reform in Portugal 
Castellaneta, F., Conti, R., Kacperczyk, A. (equal co-authorship)
Strategic Management Journal
Asymmetric Homophily in the Startup Labor Market
Campero, S., Kacperczyk A. 
Advances in Strategic Management (forthcoming)
Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship
Guzman, J., Kacperczyk, A.
Research Policy (forthcoming)

Experience and Entrepreneurship: A Career Transition Perspective

 Thompson, T., Rider, C., Kacperczyk C., Tag, J

ILR Review


Corporate social responsibility as a defense against knowledge spillovers: Evidence from the inevitable disclosure doctrine 

Flammer, C, Kacperczyk A. (equal co-authorship)

Strategic Management Journal 2019: Vol 4: Issue 8: 1243-1267


Occupational licensure and entrepreneurs: The case of tax preparers in the U.S.

Albert, K., Galperin, R., Kacperczyk A. (equal co-authorship)

 ILR Review


Vertical and Horizontal Wage Dispersion and Mobility Outcomes: Evidence from the Swedish Microdata

Kacperczyk A., Balachandran C., 

Organization Science 2018 Vol 29:1 p 17-38 

The Paradox of Breadth: The Tension between Experience and Legitimacy in the Transition to Entrepreneurship 

Kacperczyk, A., Younkin P.  (equal co-authorship)

Administrative Science Quarterly 2017 Vol 62:4 p 731-764


Money Secrets: How do Trade Secrets Affect Firm Value? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment

Castellaneta, F., Conti, R., Kacperczyk, A. (equal co-authorship)

Strategic Management Journal 2016 Vol 38:4 p 834-853


Revisiting the Small-Firm Effect on Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Firm Dissolutions

Kacperczyk A., Marx, M. (equal co-authorship)

Organization Science 2016 Vol 27:4 p 893-910


Knowledge Asymmetry and Disintermediation in Brokerage: Linking Network Perception to Structural Holes and Performance

Hahl, O., Kacperczyk, A., Davis, J.

 Strategic Organization 2016 Vol 14:2 p 118-143


Disentangling Risk and Change: Internal and External Social Comparison in the Mutual Fund Industry

Kacperczyk, A., Beckman, C., Moliterno, T., 2015

Administrative Science Quarterly 60(2):228-262


The Impact Stakeholder Orientation on Innovation: Evidence from the Natural Experiment

Flammer, C., Kacperczyk, A. (equal co-authorship)

Management Science 2015 Vol 62:7 p 1982-2001


Social Influence and Entrepreneurship: The Effect of University Peers on Entrepreneurial Entry

Kacperczyk, A., 2013

Organization Science 24(3): 664-683


Opportunity Structures in Established Firms: Entrepreneurship versus Intrapreneurship in Mutual Funds

Kacperczyk, A., 2012

Administrative Science Quarterly 57(3): 484-521


With Greater Power Comes Greater Responsibility: Takeover Protections and Corporate Attention to Stakeholders

Kacperczyk, A., 2009

Strategic Management Journal 30(3): 261- 285


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